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BhavyaBharat One stop digital solution

BhavyaBharat Program

1.       Introduction
2.       Digital India
3.       Partners
4.       Services offered

BhavyaBharat (BB) program is an initiative of the BhavyaBharat, a Bengaluru based Service Company. BhavyaBharat is the access points for delivery of various electronic services to villages in India, thereby contributing to a digitally and financially inclusive society.

BhavyaBharat is more than service delivery points in rural India. They are positioned as change agents, promoting rural entrepreneurship and building rural capacities and livelihoods. They are enablers of community participation and collective action for engendering social change through a bottom-up approach with key focus on the rural citizen.

BhavyaBharat provides a centralized collaborative framework for delivery of services to citizens through VPOs, besides ensuring systemic viability and sustainability of the scheme.
BhavyaBharat Founded by Mr. Dhananjay Acharya

Digital India
Digital India is a flagship program of the Government of India with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. With the same concept we have developed BhavyaBharat.

VPOs enable the three vision areas of the Digital India program:

1.       Digital infrastructure as Utility to Every Citizen
2.       Governance and services on demand
3.       Digital empowerment of citizens

1.                 First level would be the local Village Panchayat Officer (VPO) to provide services to the rural consumer in a cluster of 5-6 villages. Number of village May change state wise.
2.                 The Second/middle level would be an entity termed the Taluk Coordinator (TC) to operate, manage and build the VPO network and business. The Taluk Coordinator (TC), will be responsible for a division of 50-100 VPOs.
3.                 The Third level would be the Business Development Officer (BDO) working in the head-office to facilitate implementation of the Scheme within the State and to provide requisite policy, content and other support to the TCs.
4.                 Others include agencies to offer various services to the citizens and partner banks (public and private sector) and regional rural banks to enable TCs to become Banking Correspondent Agents / Customer Service Points to deliver various banking and financial services.

Services offered
A highlight of the BhavyaBharat is that it will offer web-enabled services in rural areas, including application forms, utility payments such as electricity, telephone and water bills. In addition to the universe of C2C services, a wide variety of content and services that are offered are:

1.     Recharge
a.     Mobile Postpaid
b.    Mobile Prepaid
c.      DTH Postpaid
d.    DTH Prepaid
e.     Data Cards
2.     Booking
a.     Bus
b.    Train
c.      Flight (Domestic)
d.    Flight (International)
e.     Gas Booking
3.     For Farmers
a.     Agricultural Info
b.    Horticulture Info
c.      Animal Husbandry Info
d.    Fisheries Info
e.     Veterinary Info
4.     Travel
a.     Package Tours
b.    Hotel Reservations
5.     Education
a.     School Information
b.    College Information
c.      Education News
d.    Distance Education
6.     Government Services
a.     Pan Card
b.    Aadhaar Card
c.      Voters ID
d.    Passport
7.     Advertising
a.     Ad Agency
b.    Business Listing
8.     Commercial Services
a.     Matrimony
b.    Real Estate
c.      Jobs
d.    Classifieds
e.     Print & Design
f.       IT Solutions
g.    Security Services (CCTVs)
h.    Solar Products
i.       Event Organization
9.     Banking
a.     Loans
b.    Insurance
c.      Piggy Banking
10.                        Shopping
a.     Online Shopping
b.    Buy & Sell (second hand items)
11.                        Bill payments
a.     Electricity Bills
b.    Water Bills
12.                        News
13.                        Money Transfer

ü Eligibility to become BhavyaBharat VPO:
ü Applicant should be a local person
ü Age of Applicant should be minimum 18 years
ü Applicant should preferably have passed the 10th level examination from a recognized board
ü Applicant should be fluent in reading and writing the local dialect and should also have basic knowledge of English language
ü Prior Knowledge in basic computer skills would be advantage

ü Applicant should be motivated enough to be the prime driver of social change and disperse his or her duties with utmost dedication
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