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Multiplexes in Karnataka should be ordered to fix the ticket cost as 120/- for all films

The mulplexes in Karnataka do not have fixed rate on the ticket cost.

They vary the ticket cost to their comfort of self benefit which falls betweenRs.120/- to RS.450/-. In fact the ticket cost RS.120/- also for Kannada films only in the week days to which is not all feasible to the audience..! While the neighbouring states like Tamilnadu have ordered the multiplexes to collect RS.120/- as maximum ticket cost for any films through out the week through their film policy order, why shouldn't government of Karnataka also order to stop the day light loot of multiplexes in Karnataka? So we demand /request the government of Karnataka to fix the ticket cost of multiplexes in karnataka as 120/- through out the week .
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Fresh Kannada

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