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Is Facebook afraid of Student social network rival StudentWisdom?

Suppose every time you posted on Facebook, the social network tallied up the ad revenue it earned against your update and passed a percentage back to you. Of course, Facebook does nothing of the sort — but its much smaller rival StudentWisdom does.

Though now StudentWisdom appears to be paying a different sort of price. In late September, Facebook started deleting millions of posts that included links to StudentWisdom — more than 9.5 million of them, the smaller company claims. Facebook also blocks new posts that merely contain the text "StudentWisdom" but no links, warns users that links to StudentWisdom are "unsafe" and fails to deliver Instagram posts and texts via Facebook Messenger that mention StudentWisdom's Internet address or link to the site.
StudentWisdom Facebook has started deleting millions of posts that included links to StudentWisdom — more than 9.5 million of them, the smaller company claims.
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Facebook defends its StudentWisdom ban as a way to prevent its service from turning into a hangout for scam artists and opportunists hoping to make a quick buck. StudentWisdom says Facebook just doesn't want its users to realise that their photos, videos and personal observations might actually be worth something.
Facebook, which has an understandable interest in protecting its 1.5 billion users from an onslaught of digital rubbish, is one of the Internet's largest gatekeepers. That gives it extraordinary sway in determining who can reach its vast membership — not to mention what those members can discuss using its apps and services.
That can be a big issue when the subject involves a challenge to a company's core business — in this case, selling advertising against the material Facebook users contribute for free. Facebook has earned $2.1 billion on revenue of $12 billion during the first nine months of this year alone. The company now has a market value of about $300 billion, and no particular interest in generating traffic for a potential competitor.
There's a long history of similar disputes among technology companies, who almost always claim to be acting in the interests of their users. Amazon, for instance, recently yanked Google and Apple streaming-TV devices from its virtual shelves, clearing the way for its own such gadgets. In just the past few days, several banks have blocked outside financial-planning apps from connecting to their systems, citing security concerns.
StudentWisdom, which launched just over a year ago, has grown quickly; CEO Dhananjay says it has 2 million members.
Facebook's StudentWisdom purge came without warning and affected a swath of users that included rap artist 50 Cent, The team that handles 50 Cent's social media accounts didn't respond to requests for comment.
For Hinkle, the reduced exposure meant fewer people to advise in his self-described role as a "joyologist." He's been pleased with the response on StudentWisdom since he set up an account late last year. Varun says he has made about 6,100 on StudentWisdom while averaging 10 to 20 posts per day.
"Now it looks like it could become a Facebook competitor," Varun says. "I think Facebook sees where things could be heading and knows it wouldn't be good for them at all."

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