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Sharp Shooter Kannada Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5 
Director: Ghouse Peer 
Producers: Balasubramaniam & BVS Srinivas 
Casting: Diganth, Sangeetha Chauhan, Lakshmi, Sudharani, Achyuth Kumar, Chikanna, Satyajith, Sourav Lokesh, Mithra and others.

Sharp Shooter Kannada Movie Review

'Doodh Peda' Diganth is in the joy of celebrating 25 movies in Kannada film industry. After moderate hit and flop movies in his acting career, the chocolate hero is now evolved as an action hero through his 25th movie Sharp Shooter.  

The movie has been released today, Dec 11. Directorial debut of Ghouse Peer stars Diganth and Sangeetha Chauhan in the lead roles. Will the 25th club film of Diganth meet the expectations of the audiences? Read the review below....  

Sharp Shooter Story 
The story revolves around two simple characters Jedara Kanappa (JK) and Nandhini played by lead actors Diganth and debutant Sangeetha Chauhan. It is love at first sight for our hero Diganth.  

Though Nandhini hates JK, eventually she falls in love with him for saving her life from a gang of baddies. The twist in the tale is when their care and affection is about to blossom into love. What is the twist?  

Nandhini suffers from nyctophobia (fear of darkness) and JK suffers from night blindness. The rom-com entertainer takes new turn, when Diganth is blamed for killing a criminal.  

Is Diganth really a Sharp Shooter of fake? Why is he targerted by a gang of villains? To know all this confusions, watch the movie today.  

Sharp Shooter Performance  
The 'best' performance and makeover of Diganth. The handsome actor shines throughout the show and he has balanced between action and comedy.  

Debutant Sangeetha Chauhan has given good performance as female lead. She is very promising in looks and as well as acting, opposite Diganth. The lead pair share good on-screen space in the movie.  

Comedy by Chikkanna and Mithra is appreciable. Veteran actress Lakshmi has given wonderful performance as Diganth's mother. Supporting actors Achyuth Kumar,Sudharani, Satyajith, and others have done a great job. 

Sourav Lokesh aka 'Bhajarangi Loki' again wins the hearts of audiences in a negative role in Diganth's Sharp Shooter.  

A sizzling performance by Aindrita Ray for an item number 'Kunte Bille' is enjoyable.  

Technical Aspects  
The main drawback of Sharp Shooter is comedy timing. Director Ghousee  Peer could have included more comedy elements of Mithra. 

60% of the script movies in a slow pace which makes the viewers boring and yawn. However, cinematography is OK.  

Other main commercial element punching dialogues by Hero is missing in the movie.  

All credits goes to music director late M S Shiva Santosh for giving best songs for Sharp Shooter. He has done an excellent job by composing best background scores and soothing love tracks which adds more commercial value.  

Verdict  A well-made average movie of Diganth. Sharp Shooter is not good and neither a bad movie. It is a one-time romantic comedy entertainer with less comedy timing! 

Sharp Shooter Kannada Movie Review

Sharp Shooter Kannada Movie Official Trailer

'ಶಾರ್ಪ್ ಶೂಟರ್' ದಿಗಂತ್ ಗೆ ಶುಕ್ರದೆಸೆ ಶುರು

ಡಿಸೆಂಬರ್ 11 ರಂದು ದಿಗಂತ್ 'ಶಾರ್ಪ್ ಶೂಟರ್' ರಿಲೀಸ್

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