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Rathavara Kannada Movie Reviews Sri Murali Repeats Success!

Director: Chandrashekar Bandiyappa  
Producer: Manjunath  
Casting: Sri Murali, Ravishankar, Rachita Ram, Charan Raj, Bhajarangi Loki, Chita Shenoy, Sadhu Kokila and Chikanna. 
Rating: 3.0/5 

Sri Murali's most expected of 2015, Rathaavara is getting positive reviews all over. The audiences are writing positive reviews on social media. Directorial debut of Chandrashekar Bandiyappa is one of the biggest opener and it has hit the marquee today, Dec 4.  

The action thriller stars Ugramm Sri Murali and Rachita Ram in the lead roles. Talented actor Ravishankar is playing the antagonist in the movie. 

Rathaavara has raised huge expectations for two reasons. Firstly, first time pairing up of lead actors Sri Murali and Rachita Ram. Secondly, the duo of Sri Murali and Ravishankar as two important protagonist in the film.   

Will Rathaavara be the end year blockbsuter? Will Sri Murali repeats yet another hit after Ugramm? Read the review below....  

Rathaavara Story: The story revolves around the series of clashes between two protagonists Sri Murali and Ravishankar. Rathaavara also portrays trust and belief, which is carried between two well-wishers, who eventually become rivals.  Is Ravishankar playing a political goon and Sri Murali as his advicer? To know this watch the movie at your nearest theatres.  

Rathaavara Performances:  Sri Murali steals the show with classy and stylish looks. The glam doll Rachita Ram has given good performance and attracts the viewers with her cute expressions. As a supporting actor Ravishankar has lived the role and he is one of the highlight of the film, apart from lead actors. Other actors Chikkanna, Sadhu Kokila, Charan Raj, Chitra Shenoy and others have wrapped the movie wonderfully.  

Techincal Aspects:  An appreciable cinematography by Ugramm fame Bhuvan Gowda is evident again in Rathaavara. The script and screenplay is entertaining.  The electrifying dialogues in the screenplay is what keeps the movie more entertaining. Ravishankar has given life to his role, which adds more commercial value.  

Music:  Music by Ugramm fame Dharma Vish is takes the movie to next level. The movie includes mesmerizing BGM which is apt for an unique subject like Rathavaara.  Songs 'Nee Muddada Maayavi' and 'Hudugi Kannu' sung by Sri Murali are best songs. 

Verdict:  Rathaavara portrays a unique storyline. A complete action thriller with romance not be missed by Sri Murali and Rachita Ram fans. 

Rathavara Kannada Movie Reviews

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