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WHAT? Real Star Upendra To Direct Megastar Chiranjeevi!

Upendra is on a high for two reasons! Firstly, his recent release Uppi 2 is making huge sound at the box office. Secondly, Upendra has been offered a golden opportunity to direct Megastar Chiranjeevi. 
What? Real Star Upendra to direct Megastar Chiranjeevi? If the rumour mills have to be believed, then both Kannada and Telugu audiences will soon see two biggies of south sharing onscreen space together. Many leading TV Channels, electronic media and social networking sites have been reporting about this news spread. But, nither Upendra nor Chiranjeevi has given an open statment regarding this. The news has spread today, where Chiranjeevi is found happily celebrating his 60th birthday with his fans and family. What made Chiranjeevi to offer Upendra? Is Chiranjeevi impressed about Upendra for hearing positive reports on Uppi 2? For now, nothing can be said.  However, if Real Star Upendra would definitely direct a movie for Megastar Chiranjeevi; then it would be eight wonder of the world. Upendra has already proved his intellectual and out of the box thinking in Uppi 2. 

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