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Darshan-Duniya Vijay: Hot Six Pack Abs Of Sandalwood

We all know that good looks and perfect physique plays a vital role in the world of entertainment. Earlier in the 60-80's Kannada films portrayed Dr Rajkumar, Dr Vishnuvrdhan, MP Shankar, Tiger Prabhakar who has the most well maintained body.  As the generation passed, now a days we only hear dieting, six pack abs, sizzling body and more. Kannada actions movies give more importance to six pack and fit body. But the only difference is that, earlier actors used to portray as warriors, now a days they play either a role of a Police Office or an antagonist. 
In the upcoming movie Mr Airavata aka Airavata is making huge news for Darshan's new makeover. The Kariya actor has toned his body and he has a picture perfect six pack abs for his Police Officer role in the movie.  It is not only Darshan, the latest add-on to the list is actor Chetan Chandran. The good looking actor has worked out and has bulid six pack toned body for his upcoming movie Plus.  Well, we have included the list of best Kannada actors who have raised the anticipation level in their fans by posting one single image from thier workouts and gym.  The list includes Challenging Star Darshan to Black Cobra actor Duniya Vijay. 
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Fresh Kannada

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