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Baahubali A Rip-Off Of Dr Rajkumar's 'Mayura'

OMG! SS Rajamouli's most awaited movie Baahubali is the rip-off of Dr Rajkumar's earlier movie Mayura. Yes, the news has now reached the limelight today, July 9.
All the social media has went forward to reveal the story-line of Baahubali which is 100% taken from Mayura(1975).  The revealed story-line of Baahubali is about, King Amarendra Baahubali who ruled the kingdom of Mahishmathi. Prabhas plays dual roles i.e, Amarendra Baahubali and Shivudu. Gorgeous actress Anushka Shetty plays wife of Amarendra Baahubali and her character has been named as Devasena. The movie takes a new turn when cruel minister(Nazzer) makes his entry and joins hands with Rana Daggubatti who is the evil King of the other Kingdom. Baahubali gets killed by the cruely of Rana Daggubatti(Bhallavadeva) and Nazzar and Anushka Shetty(Devasena) somehow manages to survive and gives birth to a baby, Shivudu. Later, Shivudu grows big as his father Baahubali and he conquers the kingdom of Mahishmathi defeating Rana Daggubatti.  According to the reports and talks in Gandhinagara, the above story has been taken from Dr Rajkumar's Mayura which was directed by Vijay. In Mayura, our beloved Appaji played the same role of a King who defeats the opposite Kingdom and conquers his own Kingdom.  What will SS Rajamouli say to this? Has the maverick director inspired by Dr Rajkumar's movie Mayura. Let us inform you guys that, SS Rajamouli is a Kannadiga from Raichur. 

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