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10 Bold Kannada Actresses In Bikini

In the film world, actresses' are suppose to act in glamorous and de-glamorous roles. Many actresses' do accept to act in the glamorous roles and many disagree. On behalf of International Bikini Day(today), July 5, we here bring you guys 10 bold and hot Kannada actress in bikini.  Usually, when compared to all other film industries,

Kannada film industry do not portray actresses' in outfits like bikini, semi-bikini and see-through costumes etc. Because KFI, produces more number of family entertainers and action movies.  But, the generation has changed and the filmmakers have also moved from little bit forward and have made changes their concept and ideas of filmmaking. In the recent past we have actresses Ragini Dwivedi, Priyamani, Sanjjanaa Galrani, Aindrita Ray, Pooja Gandhi, Niddhi Subbaiah and many others who have posed bold and sizzling in bikini.

Fresh Kannada

Fresh Kannada

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