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Dr Rajkumar Memorial Inaugurated

After years of waiting and planning, Dr Rajkumar memorial was finally inaugurated in the presence of whole Kannada film industry along with several dignitaries from other film industries. The mega event was attended by all the big stars of the Kannada film industry and few superstars from the Tamil and Telugu film industry too. 
Dr Rajkumar Memorial Inaugurated
The attraction in the event was the presence of Superstar Rajinikanth and Megastar Chiranjeevi. The event was also attended by Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddharamiah and Ambareesh, along with the Rajkumar family headed by Parvathamma Rajkumar. The inauguration ceremony was started in the morning and various dignitaries shared their memories about the great actor. Superstar Rajinikanth attracted huge round of applause for speaking in fluent Kannada on the occasion. He said that it was extremely pleased to attend the inauguration of Dr Rajkumar's Memorial. He thanked the state government for inviting him to the event. Rajinikanth shared some of his personal experiences of interacting with Dr Rajkumar and claimed that he was indeed a "Bangarada Manushya". Rajinikanth also said that apart from being a gifted artist, he found Dr Rajkumar to be a humble and pious man. Taking on the occasion, Megastar Chiranjeevi expressed deep gratitude to the state government for inviting him to the event. Megastar shared the story of how he met Dr Rajkumar for the first time. Chiranjeevi said, when he was still a student in the film institute, he had to visit a film shooting spot to see and understand how a movie is actually made. Incidentally, he got to visited the shooting location of a movie starring Dr Rajkumar. Initially the megastar was very nervous to go and talk to such a famous actor. But seeing his nervousness, Dr Rajkumar came and started talking to him. When Chiranjeevi said that he does not know Kannada and can only speak Telugu, Dr Rajkumar broke into fluent Telugu. Such was the simplicity of this great man. The inauguration ceremony was completed by afternoon. The event was then succeeded by cultural event, in which several actors and artists performed on some of the greatest hits of Dr Rajkumar.

Watch Rajinikanth's Speech in Dr Rajkumar's Memorial Inauguration

Watch Megastar chiranjeevi's speech at Dr Rajkumar's Memorial Inauguration

Watch CM Siddaramaiah's Speech at Dr Rajkumar Memorial Inauguration
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