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Simhadri (2014) Kannada Movie Review

Simhadri (2014) Kannada Movie Review

Simhadri (2014) Kannada Movie Review

Movie: Simhadri 2014 Kannada
Director: Shiva Mani
Starring:,Duniya Vijay , Soundarya Jayamala
Music Director: Arjun Janya

Simhadri is all about the emotional bond between a brother and sister. The plot is similar to many other movies in Sandalwood---the best example being Shivrajkumar and Radhika-starrer Anna Thangi. However, this one strikes a right chord with those who love a bit of family drama and sentiments. 

Director Shivamani is one of the few talented directors who knows the pulse of the audience. With an impressive script and narration, the movie is sure to attract family audience. 

Set in a village, the story revolves around Nandini (Aishwarya) and her brother Simhadri (Vijay). The movie has enough scenes to establish their liking for each other. Simhadri faces many situations where he exhibits his heroism to safeguard his sister. He gets involved in village politics too. For an election to a milk federation, Simhadri takes on Prakash Gowda (Suchendra Prasad). The real test for Simhadri begins when Nandini enters the house of her in-laws. The moment she enters the house, a cow dies, her father-in-law slips from the stairs and a door of the house catches fire. Her mother-in-law thinks all these happened due to Nandini's bad luck and harasses her. What follows is 'kanneera dhaare' (ocean of tears) till the movie ends. 

Vijay proves that he can handle sentimental roles too. Aishwarya wins the hearts with her excellent performance. Soundarya Jaimala, Ramesh Bhat and Suchendra Prasad have done justice to their roles. Music by Arjun Janya is not bad.
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