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Adyaksha Kannada Movie Review

Adyaksha Kannada Movie Review

Movie : Adyaksha
Banner : Shree Shankar Movies
Producers : B. K. Gangadhar – B. Basavaraj
Director : Nanda Kishora (victory)
Music Dir : Arjun Janya

If you're in the mood for some laughs, Adhyaksha is not going to disappoint you. A remake of Tamil movie Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangham, it keeps you entertained from the word go. Boasting of a tight script and narration, it's is a brilliant adaptation of the Tamil film; only the setting is different. Rib-tickling dialogues by Prashanth Rajappa leave one asking for more.

Shivarudre Gowda (Ravishankar) is a powerful leader in a village called Gejjepura. Chandrashekhara Gowda (Sharan) and Narayana (Chikkanna) are the president and vice-president of the association Chi Thu Sangha (Chinthe Illada Thund Haikla Sangha). The harmless duo create havoc in the village with their antics. Chandrashekhara falls in love with Aishwarya (Raksha), daughter of Shivarudre Gowda. And of course, he doesn't approve of the relationship. Throwing caution to the wind, the lovers elope, leaving Shivarudre Gowda furious. Not one to take things lying down, the enraged father goes in search of them, armed with a gun. The entire village is shocked when he says that he has shot his daughter and her lover. Police want to see the spot where he killed them. After a long trek, they reach the place only to find the duo alive. The account of their survival, interspersed with some excellent comic sequences, forms the rest of the story.

Sharan steals the show with his brilliant mannerisms and dialogue delivery. Chikkanna's comic timing is excellent. Though Raksha does a fairly decent job, she seems to get lost amidst Sharan and Chikkanna. Ravishankar is terrific in his portrayal of the village head. He's shown that he can do it all, be it comedy, dance or action. Arjun Janya's melodies are catchy; camerawork by Prakash is good.
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