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Rose Kannada Movie Review

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Cast: Ajay Rao, Shravya, Chandrasekhar, Saikumar, Tilak, Shankar Ashwath, Manasi and Petrol Prasanna
Direction: HS Sahana
Genre: Romance
Duration: 2 hours 33 minutes
HS Sahana should have concentrated more on the first half, which is nothing but bland. Poor dialogues and an overdose of songs take away from the plot. The narration could have been summed up in 120 minutes, but the director has stretched it to 153 minutes.

Ajay ( Ajay Rao) and Ammu (Shravya) are in love. Ajay has a group of friends who spend most of their time drinking. The story takes a turn when Ajay lands up in jail on the charges of murdering Rohan (Tilak), who has attempted to kill his lover Pooja (Manasi). Ajay is sentenced to life imprisonment and naturally Ammu is shattered. The audience is in for a shock when Ajay's friends confess to Ammu that they killed Rohan and Ajay is innocent. Surya ( Saikumar), a jailor, helps Ajay get released from jail. But rowdy Catu (Petrol Prasanna) and his gang who crossed swords with Ajay in jail, decides to eliminate him. What ensues is more drama.

While Ajay does his bit as the lover boy, Shravya steals the shows with her brilliant portrayal of Ammu. Saikumar's brief act as a police officer is laudable. Anup Sileen has rendered some soulful numbers. Camerawork by Guruprashanth Rai is superb.
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