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Paru W/o Devdas Kannada Movie Review

Paru W/o Devdas Kannada Movie Review

Cast: Srinagara Kitty, Soundarya Jayamala and Neha Patil
Direction: Kiran Govi
Genre: Romance
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

The story, which is backed by a good script, is narrated by the heroine. Govi aptly call it a musical romantic story but there seems to be an overdose of music which affects the flow. However, music director Arjun Janya deserves credit. . But the director should have worked harder on the climax which needs trimming.

The story unfolds at Kadur railway station where Dev (Srinagara Kitty), a western music singer, and Paaru (Soundarya), a TV reporter, come in search of their respective families. Dev is impressed by Paaru's beauty. Sukanya, (Neha Patil), Dev's relative, acts as a bridge between them. But on her wedding day, Sukanya expresses her love for Dev, leaving the groom in the lurch. Meanwhile, the romance between Dev and Paaru continues till they are attacked in a village called Grama, which has had incidents of honour killing. The duo gets separated with Dev becoming blind and Paaru losing a leg in the attack. The climax has Paaru interviewing Dev for her channel in a live telecast when they disclose their romance and are united again.

While Srinagara Kitty and Soundarya have done a good job, it is Neha Patil who steals the show with her lively performance. Ramesh Raj has done a good job as cinematographer.
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