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Jai Lalitha Kannada Movie Review

Jai Lalitha Kannada Movie Review
Jai Lalitha Kannada Movie Review

Cast: Sharan, Disha Pande, Aishwarya Devan, Ravishankara Gowda, Harish Raj, T S Nagabharana, Sayyaji Shindhe
Direction: P Kumar
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 29 minutes

Director P Kumar has selected a good subject with a focus on comedy. Even the script too deserves a pat. But as story opens up, there are too many characters and sequences that give new twists to the story. Though it is appreciable as all of them form part of the script, it is difficult to follow the sequences suddenly too many turns to the story crop up. Once the movie ends, it takes sometime for the audience to recap the narration. But director has mainatined the comedy to some extent in all sequences with dialogues and Sharan at his best.

Sharan has hijacked the entire story with a brilliant performance as Jayaraj, Jai Lalitha, criminal, loverboy, lovergirl and a son, whose father is kidnapped. First, Sharan is introduced to us as Jaya, the wife of Yogi (Harish Raj). But Sharan is only pretending to be Yogi's wife as his uncle has promised to bequeath some property to him once he gets married. But Yogi is already in love with Lalitha (Aishwarya Devan). Lakshmikantha (Ravishankara Gowda), an advocate and close friend of Yogi, falls in love with Jaya. We have another character Raghav (Sayyaji Shindhe), a police officer, who is suspended for letting a criminal escape. He will be looking for the criminal who happens to be Jayaraj (Sharan). The twist to the story here is that Raghav's daughter Disha (Disha Pande) is in love with Jayaraj. There is another turn here when Raghav meets Jaya and falls in love with her not knowing that Jaya is Jayaraj whom he is looking to arrest. The main thrust of the story is how Jayaraj saves his father Srikantaiah (T S Nagabharana) from the kidnappers. Why he was kidnap? The rest is full of drama.

It's all Sharan who shines in lady character with excellent mannerism, dialogue delivery and body language. Ravishankar Gowda has handled his comical role excellently with good expressions. Harish Raj never disappoints you. Disha Pande and Aiwhwarya Devan have little to do with Sharan in the lead role. Sridhar V Sambhram's music leaves the audience asking for more. Karunakar's cinematography is wonderful.
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