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Manikya Kannada Movie Review

Manikya Kannada Movie Review
Manikya Kannada Movie Review
Directed by Sudeep
Produced by N.M. Kumar
Written by Koratala Siva
Starring Sudeep V. Ravichandran Varalaxmi Sharathkumar Ramya Krishna Ranya
Music by Arjun Janya
Release dates April 25, 2014
Country  India
Language Kannada
Budget INR15 crore (US$2.5 million)

Maanikya comes as a cool breeze for the summer. It is the perfect holiday gift from Sudeep and team. It has all the masala elements that a commercial film demands. Though the film is 2 hours 45 minutes long it does not feel lengthy at all as the narration blends different elements like songs, fights, family sentiment, comedy and romance in equal measure. The film has a huge crop of big actors who give a touch of finesse to each scene.

The linear story of the film may be similar to some Telugu films which are about uniting two fighting families. But the screenplay adaptation of this Telugu Mirchi remake stands apart. It is the enormity of cast of the complexity of screenplay that gives Maanikya an unique opportunity to storm the box office.

The story is plainly about two warring families in Bidar who are hell bent on killing each other. How a scion of one of the families turns from a war-monger to a peace dove to unite the families is just a simplistic representation of the film. But Maanikya is much more complex with twists and turns, much more entertaining with its narration and much more endearing with its actors.

Ravichandran in a never before seen role is in top form. There are hardly anyone who can be called side-actors or supporting actors in this film. Even actors who appear for just one scene le a mark.

There are so many things in Maanikya but all of them are perfectly placed. It is a film you will love to watch in a cool big screen theatre. This is one film you should reserve a day for this week.
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