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Ajith (2014) Kannada Movie Review

Ajith 2014 Kannada Movie Review

Ajith (2014) Kannada Movie Review
Ajith (2014) Kannada Movie Review
Movie : Ajith
Cast : Chiranjeevi Sarja, Nikki Galrani
Director : Mahesh Babu
Music Director : Yuvan Shakar Raja

Director Mahesh Babu has selected a story which is the remake of Tamil movie, Paiyaa. With a good script, the director has excelled in good narration keeping the story alive till the end. The first half doesn't give an iota of what the story is about. It just passes with the hero eyeing the heroine and meeting her at several places. The story opens up only in the second half when we come to know that both the hero and heroine are in trouble as they are chased by two groups of goons. Most part of the story takes place in the car.

Like most romantic stories, our hero Ajith (Chiranjeevi Sarja) falls for the beauty of heroine Charulatha (Nikki Galrani). Circumstances force Ajith to take her to Mumbai in a car as she is in trouble. She had come away from her home in Hyderabad to Bangalore as she did not like the groom her father selected for her. Goons follow her to take her back. Charulatha meets Ajith and seeks his help to save her. She asks him to take her to her grandmother in Mumbai. Ajith takes her in a car to Mumbai, where he had earlier incurred the wrath of Bali, a local rowdy, while on a job hunt. The Bali gang is after him to take revenge. Fight, romance and a bit of drama which ends on a happy note follow.

Chiranjivi Sarja has done justice to the role. The fight sequences by Ravivarma do not impress much. Nikki Galrani is full of promise with her bubbly performance. Yuvan Shankararaj's music is good. Mohan's cinematography passes muster.
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