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Malli Kannada Movie Review

Malli Kannada Movie Review
Malli Kannada Movie Review
About Movie
Director: Vishnu Priyan
For ‘Malli’ Kannada cinema in the direction of Vishnu Priyan (of Ashirwada Kannada film) the caption ‘Pritige Itlu Kolli’ describes everything about the film.

Cast: Sujeeth, Soujanya, Disha Poovaiah and Narayana Gowda
Direction: Vishnupriyan
Genre: Romance
Duration: 2 hours 25 minutes

Director Vishnupriyan could have done a better job by concentrating more on the script and narration. His inexperience is evident even in the selection of characters.

It all starts with Vishnu (Sujeeth), a photographer, attending the marriage of his friend's father in a village. He falls in love with the chirpy village belle Soujanya (Soujanya). She is the sister of a school teacher. But the story takes a curious turn when we see Vishnu getting closer to Chithra (Disha Poovaiah), who has married his friend's father. Rumours of their intimacy spread like wildfire and soon the villagers come to know that Chithra is pregnant. The blame is pinned on Vishnu and as a form of punishment, he is whipped 40 times. Chithra is banished from the village. Soujanya feels cheated by Vishnu and decides to marry a doctor. But as the story unfolds, the real truth emerges.

Sujeeth has done a good job. Soujanya fits the bill as the bubbly girl. Disha Poovaiah has delivered a mature and sensible performance. 
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