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Endendu Ninagaagi Kannada Movie Review

Endendu Ninagaagi (2014) Kannada Promo Mp3 Songs Download
Music :: V. Harikrishna
Leading Cast :: Vivek Narasimhan, Deepa Sannidhi, Sindhu Loknath, Anish Tejeshwar
Audio On :: Alpha Digitech

Crazy Star Ravichandran, who is well-known to give the native touch for the Kannada remake movies, has produced a romantic film for his nephew Vivek. The actor's on-screen debut Endendu Ninagaagi, which is the remake of Tamil hit Engeyum Eppodhum is getting good response from the audience. It deals with the love story of two couples Vivek-Deepa Sannidhi and Aneesh Tejeshwar-Sindhu Loknath. Story Sindhu Loknath has done her engineering and is now looking for a job in Bangalore. Aneesh Tejeshwar, who helps in her by guiding the routes, will fall in love with her. Ananya boards a bus to meet Aneesh. At the same time, he also boards a bus to Davangere to meet her. On the other end, Vivek and Deepa Sannidhi are in love, who also board the same bus with Aneesh to meet Vivek's parents. There is a big and unfortunate twist in the journey. The two buses - one coming from Bangalore and the other coming from Davangere have a head on collision. The big accident causes many deaths and injuries. The rest of the story is about the fright and agony that the ill-fated passengers go by. What happens to the love of the two lead pairs is the basis for the remaining part of the story.
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