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Agraja Kannada Movie Review

Cast: Jaggesh, Darshan, Poornima, Sanjjanaa, Kamana Jethmalani, Soujanya, Doddanna and Omprakash Rao
Direction: Srinandan
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes

Agraja conveys a powerful message about our corrupt political system that has everyone in its clutches, including brokers. Though the script is crisp, too many cooks spoil the broth. Excessive twists and turns and multiple characters take away from the script. The first half leaver the viewer confused but sequences in the latter half add value to the story.

It's Jaggesh who carries the film forward with his remarkable performance. The actor, who is known for his comic roles, has broken the mould with the character of Sidda, the broker. With strong political links, Sidda strikes many illegal deals not worrying about the repercussions. He also helps Charanadasa ( Darshan), an IAS officer whose house was raided by the Lokayukta, handle the crisis. In the process, he loses his son in a flyover accident. Compounding his misery, his teacher ends hangs himself as is unhappy with Sidda paying bribe to get his pension. Deeply disturbed by the twin tragedies, Sidda decides to come clean in a TV interview.

Sanjjanaa has done a good job in her brief but crucial role. Both Poornima and Soujanya (the TV anchor) breathe life into their characters. Ranesh Babu's cinematography is commendable. Music by Narenraj is average.
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